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4 Major Component You Need For A Successful Appeal

Start with your free property tax analysis to see your potential savings

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Free Property Tax Analysis

Commercial Property Tax Relief

O’Connor saves clients collectively millions every year! As the largest property tax consulting firm in the US, based on the annual number of appeals, our team saves our clients millions of dollars every year in property taxes. Our licensed tax agents and administrative support team help you as a commercial property owner by filing personal property renditions, reviewing tax statements, protesting over-assessed property values and attending informal tax hearings and appraisal review board meetings. O’Connor has become a proven leader in aggressive property tax reduction, pursuing every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes:

  1. Informal administrative hearing
  2. Local Board of Equalization hearing
  3. State Board of Equalization or Commissioner hearing
  4. Judicial appeals

Our staff achieves better results than is typical for most firms. We attempt to reduce your property taxes for each property every year, even if the value did not change!

Why Use O’Connor

We Understand the law

Most State laws excluded intangible assets such as the value of your hotel flag franchise from ad valorem taxation. In addition, hotel FF&E is NOT taxable when value is based on the income approach.

Extensive Resources

O’Connor & Associates is not only one of the largest property tax consulting firms, but is also one of the largest commercial appraisal firms. The combination of hundreds of analysts and a team of appraisers produce the most extensive research and equip our consultants with the most comprehensive evidence for tax appeal hearings. Few consultants can compete with O’Connor’s superior advantage.

Personalized Service

Clients can communicate directly with our consultant or account executive for all your needs without going through an operator.

Aggressive Appeals

While many consultants tend to settle easily, due in part to lack of knowledge in hotel valuation, O’Connor consultants aggressively pursue lower values through multiple rounds of appeals if supported by solid evidence.

Customized Hotel Appraisal

To support a judicial appeal, as well as some administrative appeals, O’Connor will order an independent Commercial appraisal report customized for hotels which separates real property value from intangible assets and FF&E at no cost to our clients.

Contingency Fees

In the event we recommend judicial or State Board appeals on your behalf, we pay for all filing fees, legal fees, appraisal fees, expert witness fees, etc. Our contingency fees are very competitive; among the lowest in the industry. You pay NOTHING unless we save you MONEY!

Client Testimonials

“I have changed tax consultants every year until O’Connor & Associates got us the kind of tax savings and personal service I never had before”

- Owner of Multiple Premium Brand Hotels

“Excellent presentation. This is the first time the board members had heard of such a thorough analysis of how the intangible business value of a hotel is calculated. We learned a lot today.”

- The Chairman of a Board of Equalization and its members commented after a lengthy hearing of a hotel, resulting in significant tax reduction

“Amazing job. You are the only consultant who figured out how to bring down the value significantly for new hotels valued on cost approach.”

- President of a hotel group that owns and operates over 30 hotels

“I used to engage and paid separately to engage appraisers and attorneys of our hotels located in 11 different states. Now O’Connor takes care of all our needs in One Stop.”

- CFO of a large hotel REIT that owns 88+ hotels nationwide

Start with your free property tax analysis to see your potential savings

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Free Property Tax Analysis

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