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You Pay nothing unless we save you money on your property taxes! Our Tax Assessors apply mass appraisal methodology using a computerized model to set a preliminary value. The multiple rounds of an appeal process are set up to allow you to correct their mistakes until the value is certified. You will not be penalized for filing an appeal. This means there is nothing to lose and no risk to you.

The Powerful Alliance of O’Connor: A One Stop For All 4 Services

O’Connor coordinates and assists attorneys and appraisers in every state to pursue multiple rounds of appeals

Tax Consultants

O’Connor consultants are licensed & trained professionals who specialize in hotels and commercial properties. Only O’Connor consultants and anyone authorized by O’Connor can use the proprietary O’Connor Approach to achieve extraordinary results.

Attorney (Experienced in Property Tax)

O’Connor coordinates with reputable tax attorneys in every state to provide expertise in local legal matters and filing lawsuits. Our experienced consultants participate and assist the attorneys throughout the entire process. This allows us to offer our clients access to well established relationships with the Tax Assessors.

Appraiser (Experienced in Intangibles)

O’Connor coordinates with appraisers in every state who would testify as an expert witness when needed. The experienced appraisers provide an appraisal report that separates non-taxable intangible business value from taxable real and tangible properties.

Data Resources (Sales, Values, RevPAR)

Both Market and Uniform & Equal approaches need massive data on sales and comparable property values to challenge the tax assessors value. Income Approach needs RevPAR and occupancy data. O’Connor has 700+ professionals worldwide who conduct extensive research and development. It empowers O’Connor to produce the most comprehensive evidence at tax appeal hearings.

You pay nothing unless we save you tax!

Here’s how OUR process works

First we seek to understand the client’s needs and review your property to establish the route best suited for your property tax needs.

O’Connor works closely with you and/or your CPA or financial/tax manager to collect existing data and documents regarding the subject property. These financials play a key role in our ability to effectively perform the services.

O’Connor will file an appeal on your behalf. During this process your consultant will begin to prepare a detailed evidence package to present at the time of your hearing. If evidence supports a further reduction, we will continue the protest by coordinating a lawsuit against the appraisal district – on a contingency fee basis, up until trial phase.

What Makes O’Connor & Associates Better?

The valuation of lodging facilities is a highly specialized art and is one of the most challenging tasks for tax assessors as well as property tax consultants or attorneys. A lot of Hotel’s value lies in its flag, which is intangible and is exempt from Ad Valorem Taxation in every state. The problem is no one knows how to calculate intangible business value of a hotel’s flag.

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  • I would like to find out more about how O’Connor can reduce my hotel property taxes. I want to discuss with a hotel tax reduction specialist.
  • I would like to find out more about how O’Connor can reduce my hotel property taxes. I want to discuss with a hotel tax reduction specialist.

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